Remove the bandage within an hour or so after the bandage has been applied.

Wash the tattoo with warm water and mild soap; it is always a good idea to wash your hands before removing the bandage and washing the tattoo to remove any possible contaminants from your hands. Pat dry the tattoo with a clean towel, or preferably a clean paper towel.

Do not re-bandage the tattoo or apply moisturizer yet. Keep the tattoo dry and free from restrictive clothing or things that may chafe or scrape at the tattoo. Also keep it from touching or being exposed to contaminants ex-don’t rest your new forearm tattoo on a dirty bar room table. You can shower with the tattoo, just keep it as dry as possible and dry it as soon as you get out of the shower.

Once you see your tattoo has a scab, or is dry to the touch, you may apply moisturizer (Lubriderm unscented or polysporin healfast cream) only as needed, moisturize the tattoo the same as you would your skin, if there is excess moisturizer on the tattoo, dab it off with a clean paper towel. If the moisturizer you choose stings, you will need to switch. Tattoos heal best when dry, moisturizer is only used to keep the scab supple so it will not crack or split. Do not pick at the scabs.

Repeat this until your scabs have all fallen off.

Things to avoid during the healing process

Swimming of any kind, or any immersion in water is bad for a healing tattoo. Do not pick at scabs, do not expose a healing tattoo to direct sun for any period of time and no tanning while it’s healing. After your tattoo has healed you will want to keep sunscreen on it to ensure it will not fade in the sun.

Once your scabs have fallen off, you can resume normal activity, it’s not unusual for the tattoo at this point to look murky, it’s just thick dry skin over the tattoo, this will go away in a few days.


Do you take walk-ins? 

Yes, depending on availability, an artist would be happy to fit you in if we have time.

Do you do piercing? 

No sorry, we don't.

What is your shop minimum price? 

Tattoos start at $100, price increases depending on how much time the tattoo will take us to do, for better ideas on pricing, its best to visit the shop, or at least to email or call.

Did you get my email? 

If the email was sent more than a few days prior it may be a good idea to check the address the email was sent to, and resend it, or call us. The internet may have eaten the email, so it's best to check with us if we didn't respond. From time to time we also get very busy so be patient, be please do follow up if you did not get a response.

Where is the least painful place to get a tattoo? 

Who cares, get the tattoo where you really want it.

How do I make an appointment? 

It's best to come to the shop, bring any relevant reference with you was well, we can talk to you in person, and discuss the tattoo, times available and pricing at this time. If you can't make it to the shop, give us a call, or send us an email.

Do I have to leave a deposit for the tattoo? 

Yes, we take a $60 deposit for the tattoo appointment, a larger deposit may be required for larger custom tattoos. The deposit is to hold the appointment date and time of the tattoo, if you need to change times, give us at least three days notice and we can apply the deposit to the new appointment time. Deposits are non refundable.